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Canada House has been producing children’s clothing since 1953.

Our mission to innovate and grow as part of the Spanish textile industry has enabled us to continuously launch new collections and open new points of sale, and we now have more than 70 dedicated single-brand stores, most of which are in Spain. We also have a network of multi-brand stores abroad.


Currently, our project is at an exciting point in its development, with a strategic plan designed to achieve consolidation in the Spanish market and penetration into the key international markets: not only for our physical stores, but also for our online sales.


Our collections are aimed at modern, innovative, fashion-conscious families who want high-quality products that come from the heart.


We are committed to the mission of creating attractive yet functional collections, and we put a little of our spirit into each of the designs we create. With our dedicated network of physical stores and our online presence, we are able to listen to our customers and incorporate their needs into the clothing we produce.

Canada House is a place where children can be themselves: where they can be free, happy, and learn while having fun, creating and experimenting. We let children be children.

This is our homage to a particular approach to understanding the world, to educating our children, and above all to supporting their development.


Children are the main characters in our story, and therefore play an active and essential role in all aspects of the creative process. Our passion is to take great care over every detail and strive to achieve the very highest quality, in order to make sure that each item of clothing embodies and communicates our brand philosophy.

We’re passionate about making sure that every item of clothing produced by Canada House has a story that makes it unique. Our collections are born out of a process that draws inspiration from the latest trends while meeting the needs of a consumer base that is loyal but increasingly more demanding.


Comfortable clothes for playing and dancing in, durable clothes that survive slides, games in the sand and exciting games of football… above all, clothes that maintain their comfort and durability, wash after wash.


Our collections represent the perfect combination of up-to-date urban style, durability and quality.

From the very beginning, at Canada House we have always maintained a strong commitment to creating and selling clothes of the very highest quality.


The process of selecting the raw materials and producing the garments has always been subject to the most rigorous criteria. This has made our brand a leader: not only for the industry as a whole, but also for all of the customers who have placed their trust in us throughout our history.


Part of this success is due to our use of brushed cotton and natural fibres, and the fact that we do not use single-use synthetics. This approach lends durability and long-lasting quality to our clothes, which in turn makes them ideal for the intense use and wear-and-tear to which children subject them.

A product committee, made up of representatives from each of the key links in the supply chain (Design, Sales, Operations and Planning) assesses and supervises the different proposals for our collections, before giving the green light for their production.

From our headquarters in Cabrera de Mar, we monitor all of the processes in the value chain for each garment: from the earliest design sketches through to the arrival of the finished product at the final point of sale, by way of multi-stage examinations of fabrics and trims, production of patterns, cutting, fabrication of prototypes, etc.


Moreover, we have internal inspectors who verify each stage of the production process, in order to ensure our collections adhere to the very highest quality standards. It is an approach that sets our brand apart from the rest.

Our collections are characterised by thoughtful yet bold designs that have their own distinct personality, with impeccable patterns and an expertly chosen, sophisticated and above all joyful range of colours.

Our creations are always exclusive, developed by our own expert Design Team.


Canada House’s strategy is to continually launch new designs with their own personality and style, in order to offer the best price-quality-fashion ratio on the market.


We care a great deal about how the finishes and details of each of our products are perceived.

Our collections are designed to accompany children throughout all of the stages of their childhood: from birth up until the age of 16.



MINI: 0-12 months

BABY: 3-36 months

KIDS: 3-16 years

We love social networks, as they offer us a natural and intimate way to share our day-to-day activities, interests, news, competition details, and more. But above all, they allow us to share things related to fashion and to the world of Canada House in general.


Undoubtedly, however, what we like most about social networks is the immediate feedback they provide. We can receive your comments, opinions, recommendations and suggestions for improvement, and see how great your children look when dressed in our clothes. That’s what we really love! #weRcanada.


Ultimately, our aim is to create an enjoyable ecosystem in which you can proactively talk to us about your Canada House/brand experience, so that we can continue to grow and improve.


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